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Basic Excel

What is the most important skill you need to have to complete your job with speed and accuracy? You guessed it right. Microsoft Excel has been rated as the most important skill to have in a Job by Fortune Magazine. About 78% of the jobs requires you to have faster data processing speed with accuracy.  If you are a business owner, Excel can make your business life easier. You can organize your data and make intelligent business decisions. Data is the key of making tons of profits. 

In digital world, data is generated everywhere. Companies want to capture these data and use them in their customer interactions. However, most of these data are in raw form. They do not tell you a story unless you decide to make sense of it. This is a big task in itself. Consider a data with 10 lakhs data points. If you are tasked with responsibility to make sense of these data without software tools, i am sure you will feel overwhelmed. Its impossible to make sense of such huge data manually. You need tools to cut accross data and organize the data in a form which makes sense. Learning Excel is a foundation stone for you to achieve higher level of Data Analysis by using tools of Python, My SQL etc. If you are looking to build your career in Data Science or Data Analytics, learning Advance Excel is a good place to start.

If you are working, you have found the need to improve your excel skill. You have been spending hours to work upon the data which somehow does not seem to stop coming. New data is always there for you to work upon. Under stress and strict deadlines you take the hard route of using unintelligent formula and making things work somehow. These temporary solutions will not give you peace of mind. You need new skills and new learnings for your career growth. You need someone to hold your hand to guide you through a maze of excel formulas. You need hand holding to help you work with your data in your job.  At Finance Master Academy we do just that. We coach and handhold you in a job to help you with your data. We provide 3 months of post workshop support to help you achieve your objective. 

At Finance Master Academy, we believe in training which provide lifelong skills. Our qualified trainers have more than 12 years of experience working with various types of data. The 1 day workshop has been designed with the objective of imparting practical skills and training you to work with data. After this training you shall be able to work with excel, build formula, have foundation to build additional advance excel skills and work on your job with confidence. With lots of excel shortcuts which we will be using along the way, the journey of learning will be fun and filled with lots of tips and useful formulas. Lets connect at Sessions. Cheers !

What Our students say

Advance Excel

I've managed to complete my work in just 2 hrs which used to take entire day for me. Thanks to Finance Master Academy I am able to impress my boss and help my team

Sai Kiren

Advance Excel

I am a fresher and i thought learning excel will be of great help whenever I get job. Thank God i took this course. It helped me land a job and perform more than some of my seniors. Its a great Feeling. Thanks Finance Master

Jay Surti

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